Five Awesome Workstation Monitor Setups


For some people, computers and the internet are their whole life, and it shows with our Five Awesome Workstation Monitor Setups! The lengths they go and the ingenuity required is genuinely impressive, and we can't even imagine how cool it must be to play some video games on these setups! Check 'em out and see for yourself!

1) This guy looks like he could single-handedly crash the entire global financial marketplace with one push of a button!

2) This dude clearly took the "Red Pill" and has become a part of The Matrix!

3) Online Poker sites are illegal now thanks to this man!

4) We're unsure if this gentleman is currently playing a flight sim game, or if he is literally piloting a 747!

5) And lastly we present to you-- the command center on a budget!
Do you think they are all running Windows 95?

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