5 Helpful Headphone Websites


Looking for a new pair of headphones? There are lots of great websites out there, here are 5 of our favorite headphone websites out there to help you find the best pair of headphones.

1) Head-Fi

Head-Fi logo
  • Complete headphone buying guide
  • The most active headphone forum on the web
  • Accurate and professional headphone reviews
  • Tons of headphone related blogs written by audiophiles
  • Offers a user-contributed image gallery of people’s audio set-ups
Visit head-fi.org

2) Headphone Charts

Headphone Charts logo
  • Breaks headphones down across 5 metrics
  • User-friendly web experience and works really well on mobile
  • “headphone score” makes it easy to compare headphones
  • Amazon & Ebay links for each headphone so you can get the best price
  • Best headphone brands, from AKG, Sennheiser, to Beyerdynamic
Visit headphoneCharts.com

3) Headphone.com

Headphone.com logo
  • Gives honest, unbiased advice
  • Conducts in-depth product reviews and evaluations
  • 22 year history of helping music lovers find the best headphones
  • Curated selection of only the best headphones and personal audio gear
  • Provides a phone number to call & discuss a headphone with an expert
Visit headphone.com

4) InnerFidelity

InnerFidelity logo
  • In depth blogs and popular forums
  • News, trade shows, & music recommendations
  • Reviews include both subjective and objective evaluation
  • Headphone amplifiers, iPod docks, laptop speakers, and more
  • Primarily focusses on bringing to light the best headphones available
Visit innerFidelity.com

5) Specout

specOut logo
  • Nice clean website
  • Works great on mobile
  • Easy to use filtering options
  • Filtering by headphone manufacturer
  • Unique Collections: Detachable Cable, Noise Isolating, Noise Canceling
Visit specOut.com

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