Five Interesting Babe Ruth Facts


Did you know that Babe Ruth spent most of his life not knowing his actual birthday? Or that he wasn't always a New York Yankee? Check out our Five Interesting Babe Ruth Facts to learn more about the greatest baseball player of all-time!

1) His real name is George Herman Ruth, named after his father!

2) Ruth lived majority of his life thinking his birth date was February 7, 1894. However, it has been determined that his actual birth date is February 6, 1895. The February 7th birth certificate was for an unnamed child--as Babe Ruth lost 6 siblings in their infancy!

3) Ruth did not retire as a New York Yankee. His career in fact started in Boston with the Red Sox, and ended in Boston with the National League's Team, the Boston Braves!

4) Babe Ruth's Father died of a fractured skull in a family altercation with his brother in law on August 25, 1918. The death occurred right before Babe was to pitch in the World Series of 1918!

5) To this day, Babe Ruth still holds the Single-Season record for total bases with 457 in 1921!

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