5 Reasons Why the Golden State Warriors May Win the 2016 NBA Championship


The 2016 NBA Finals are a repeat of last year's Finals, except that this season, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are both healthy for the Cleveland Cavaliers! A lot of people think that gives the Cavs a pretty good shot of keeping this series close, or even winning it all! It's possible, but there are also plenty of reasons to assume the Warriors are going to repeat as champions. These are five of those reasons...

1) Since coming back from a 1-3 series deficit to defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Warriors are loaded with tons of momentum and confidence!

Klay Thompson block Russell Westbrook

2) After breaking the NBA regular season record for most wins (73-9), the Warriors cannot afford to have a Finals letdown. It would tarnish their legacy!

Warriors break record with 73 wins

3) Klay Thompson has been on a quest lately, swishing threes at an insane rate, even breaking the NBA playoff record with 11 in Game 6 of the West Finals!

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4) And in case you forgot, they have the unanimous, back-to-back NBA MVP, Steph Curry, who is finally looking healthy again after some early playoff injuries!

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5) Oh, and by the way, they are playing against Cleveland, a cursed city, which hasn't won a professional championship in 52 years!

Lebron James Crying

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