5 Things Pokemon Go Players Hate


All in all, Pokemon Go is AMAZING, but there are still a few things about it that tick us off! Share in our aggravation with our 5 Things Pokemon Go Players Hate list. Try not to get too frustrated though!

1) Finding The Same Pokemon Over And Over Again

In the original Pokemon games you tended to find Zubats, Rattatas, and Pidgeys more often than other Pokemon. Well, nothing has changed in Pokemon Go. There is nothing worse than chasing after a wild Snorlax and feeling your phone vibrate only to look down and see it’s ANOTHER Pidgey. Makes me want to throw my phone against a wall.

Pokemon Go Zubat meme

2) When You Catch An Awesome Pokemon And The Game Freezes

This one hits close to home. One morning I was on a bike ride on the beach and a wild Gyarados appeared! I quickly hopped off my bike and began to battle. After about 10 pokeballs, I finally captured it, but the game FROZE before I officially “caught” it! The worst feeling in the world. Hopefully the developers at Niantic will fix this bug soon.

Pokemon Go Game Freeze gif

3) Lack of Features

One of the most common complaints about Pokemon Go is that it’s missing some of the most basic features from the original game. The chief complaints being the inability to trade Pokemon with other players, and not being able to battle an individual trainer 1 on 1. Don’t sweat it though… Soon you will be able to trade Pokemon with your friends and even strangers, according to Niantic. Expect a big update for the game coming soon.

Upcoming Pokemon Go Trade

4) Server Inconsistency and Failures

Already, Pokemon Go has surpassed Twitter in daily users with over 9.5 million. It’s also the #1 app for both Android and IOS devices in daily time active. Pokemon Go users spend an average of 33 minutes a day Pokemon hunting. Compare that to 22 min on Facebook, 18 min on Snapchat, and 17 min on Twitter. With the app being new and with that many users, it’s no surprise that the servers go down frequently, but that’s no excuse!

Pokemon Go Slow Servers


The frustration which occurs while the game is loading is unbearable. Will the game ever actually load? Will the app shutdown? Are the servers down? It seems that if the loading screen progress bar loads a bit and then stops, it means the servers are down, but once you see the progress bar load more, you’ll know you’re good to go.

Pokemon Go Annoying Loading Screen

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