Top 5 Modern TV Comedies


TV Sitcoms have come a long way since the days of Green Acres and I Love Lucy! We have created our Top 5 list to contain what we believe are the laugh out loud funniest sitcoms of the last 25 years, including a few that are still on the air today! Check out our list and then turn on the tube, or binge watch them all online ;-)

1) Arrested Development

Arrested Development
  • The funniest sitcom of all-time!
  • Every joke is layered and nuanced
  • Rewards repeat viewing
  • Complex, interwoven plotlines
  • Perfect casting

2) The Simpsons

The Simpsons
  • Longest-running American sitcom
  • Groundbreaking edginess & humor
  • Iconic, globally recognized characters
  • Longest-running American animated series
  • Infinitely quotable and rewatchable!

3) Seinfeld

  • TV Guide named Seinfeld the Greatest TV program of all-time
  • Finished in the Top 2 in the Nielsen Ratings from ‘94-’98
  • Writers Guild of America’s #2 Best-Written TV Series
  • Entertainment Weekly’s #3 Best TV Show Ever
  • Launched TV careers for all 4 of the show’s main characters

4) Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys
  • Perhaps the most “laugh out loud” hysterical series ever!
  • Canada’s greatest sitcom by far
  • Features the hijinx of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles as they try to make cash by any means necessary in a small Nova Scotian trailer park
  • Highest rated Canadian show on ShowCase network
  • Has spawned multiple feature films and TV specials

5) Archer

  • The smartest sitcom currently on television
  • The follow up series to Adam Reed’s classic Frisky Dingo
  • Think of it like James Bond...on acid
  • Stuffed with pop culture & historical references
  • Watch with Wikipedia open, there WILL be things you need to look up!

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