Top 6 Personal Injury Resources


If you or a loved one has experienced a personal injury, we know that this can be a stressful time, and we would like to provide a list of potentially helpful personal injury resources to help you seek the information and justice you require. Our resources include easy-to-use lawyer databases, up-to-date and information-rich personal injury blogs, and even an innovative settlement estimate calculator to help you approximate how much your claim may be worth, whether you've experienced an auto accident injury, slip and fall, dog bite, or other type of personal injury.

1) Lawyer Calculator

Lawyer Calculator Logo
  • Features an information-rich Personal Injury Blog
  • Calculates claim settlement estimate tailored to your situation
  • Utilized a complex set of algorithms created by experienced attorneys
  • Helps connect you with a local attorney to verify your settlement estimate
  • Determine your claim estimate for free and with only a few quick questions
Personal Injury Calculator

2) Questions To Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

Vasilaros | Wagner logo
  • Includes informational personal injury videos
  • Features 10 must-ask questions for your attorney
  • Provides a list of several other common legal questions
  • Written and published by experienced personal injury lawyers
  • An important guide for anyone who has sustained a personal injury

3) MRI Directory

MRI Directory logo
  • If you're in need of an MRI, this is the resource for you
  • Features 35,000 + MRI centers spread across America
  • MRI Directory's database is unmatched in size and quality
  • Last year, helped almost 78,000 people find an MRI center
  • Simply search for your state and city to find all the MRI centers near you

4) Going To the Doctor After a Car Accident

  • Also offers a ton of other great blog content
  • You only have 72 hours after your accident to see a doctor
  • Learn more about how chiropractic can help after an accident
  • Accident Doctors are uniquely qualified to take a look at your injuries
  • Provides valuable information about seeing your doctor post-accident

5) LawyerJokes

LawyerJokes logo
  • Get your daily dose of legal humor
  • Share and tweet your favorite jokes!
  • Funniest lawyer jokes on the internet
  • Jokes are divided into different categories
  • What's the difference between a lawyer and God? Find out!


doc directory logo
  • Offers informative medical blogs
  • Find a doctor or hospital close to you
  • Nearly 5,000 listed medical professionals and counting
  • Uses your location to provide the doctors nearest to you
  • Includes information for all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

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