Top 5 Stoner Gifts


Looking for the perfect gift for the stoner who has it all? Our Top 5 Stoner Gifts are sure to please even the pickiest smoker, from lightning quick infused cannabutter machines to CBD treats for your pets!

1) Easy Butter Maker

Easy Butter Maker
  • No straining required
  • Also available in 2 stick size
  • Create your own infused butters
  • The entire process can be done in only 10 minutes
  • The most affordable and efficient butter maker on the market
Easy Butter Maker

2) PetHelp Hemp Treats for Dogs

PetHelp Hemp Treats for Dogs
  • Treats for cats also available
  • Contain 10mg of CBD per treat
  • Dog approved with a delicious flavor
  • Can assist with stress and separation anxiety
  • Can strengthen muscle durability and response
PetHelp Treats for Dogs

3) Erb Vault Resin Press

Erb Vault Resin Press
  • Incredibly fast and easy
  • No Co2 or butane required
  • Press creates oil in 10-15 seconds
  • The cleanest, most delicious oil you will ever taste
  • Create your own THC oil with any bud, flower, or shake
Erb Vault Resin Press

4) Arizona Green Tea Diversion Stash Can

Arizona Green Tea Diversion Safe Can
  • Seemless screw off top
  • Has the same weight as full can of tea
  • Hide your secret valuables in plain sight
  • Looks exactly like a real can of Arizona tea
  • Good for holding your stash or other valuables
Arizona Green Tea Diversion Stash Can

5) Cats in Space Ashtray

Cats in Space Ashtray
  • Ships via first class mail
  • Made out of high quality tin
  • Adorable and cool for any stoner
  • Features cats in outer space with pizza
  • Can be used as an ashtray or small candy dish
Cats in Space Ashtray

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