Top 5 90's Nostalgia Toys


Growing up in the 90s was awesome! Nickelodeon cartoons and game shows ruled the television, and believe it or not, a lot of the commercials that played between shows were just as memorable as the shows themselves! Remember GAK? How about the Creepy Crawlers Workshop oven? Take a walk down Memory Lane with our Top 5 90's Nostalgia Toys!

1) Super Soakers

  • Was originally called the Power Drencher!
  • Rebranding the name to Super Soaker occurred in 1991 together with a series of TV ads that resulted in 2 million water guns being sold
  • Popularized by Michael Jackson, who cited it as one of his favorite toys
  • Super Soaker has generated more than $1 billion in total sales
  • In 2015, Super Soaker was nominated as a National Toy Hall of Fame finalist
Super Soakers 90's Commercial

2) Nickelodeon Gak

  • Originally manufactured in 1992, and then re-issued in 1994 for the Nickelodeon Deluxe Gift Set
  • Popular because it makes a "fart" noise when squeezed into its clear, star-shaped container
  • Idea for Gak was taken from the Nickelodeon show Double Dare
  • The name Gak had originated as a street term for heroin
  • Gak, Gak-In-The-Dark, Gak Vac, Smell My Gak, and the Gak Copier are now being resold today with modern-day Nickelodeon branding
Nickelodeon Gak 90's Commercial

3) Creepy Crawlers Workshop

Creepy Crawlers Oven
  • Was originally produced by Mattel in the 60's
  • Regained popularity when it was re-introduced in the 90s by ToyMax
  • Use an oven, metal molds, and "goop" to create bugs and other creatures
  • Mold designs featuring such diverse characters as Bugs Bunny, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Batman, and The Mask
  • Still make new molds to this day, though they are nowhere near as popular as in their 90s heyday
Creepy Crawlers 90's Commercial

4) 2-XL Robot

2-XL Robot
  • Originally created in the late 70's by Mego Toy Corporation
  • Refound popularity in the early to mid 90s
  • An interactive robot that also plays cassette tapes
  • 2-XL's personality was very popular and kids loved its banter
  • Production ceased in 1995
2-XL Robot Nostalgia Video

5) Tamagotchis

  • First sold by Bandai on November 23, 1996 in Japan
  • As of 2010, over 76 million Tamagotchis had been sold world-wide
  • There have been over 44 Tamagotchi versions released since their creation in 1996
  • Object is to care for your Tamagotchi and help to keep it healthy
  • Created a controversy in schools because they required care throughout the day, so students would play with them during class
Tamagotchis 90's Commercial

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