Top 5 Most Popular New Year's Resolutions


Just like that, we have come to the end of another year, and you know what that means-- everyone gets to start fresh in the new year, and the best way to start your year off on the right foot is with a New Year's resolution! Now, don't worry if you can't come up with a good one, just check out our Top 5 Most Popular New Year's Resolutions list for some solid ideas. Also be sure to click on each image for more information, tips, books, etc on how to keep your resolution for the entire year (and hopefully longer)!

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1) "Lose weight!" 38% of people make weight based resolutions!

2) "Get organized!" Only 8% of people keep their resolution(s) for the entire year! We think this list can help increase that percentage!

3) "Spend less, save more!" 34% of people make financial based resolutions!

4) "Enjoy life to the fullest!" C'mon, this should be an easy one! We know you can do it!

5) "Stay fit and healthy!" You are at least 20% more likely to succeed in your New Year's Resolution if you set specific goals. Instead of saying "stay fit" try saying "10 pushups per day," "5 workout sessions per week," etc.

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