Top 5 Aquarium Tables


If you can't live your dream of game fishing in some of the US's greatest fishing states, you can at least turn your boring coffee table into a conversation starter with one of our Top 5 Aquarium Tables! Featuring handmade craftsmanship and all the bells & whistles (filters, lights, pumps, ornaments)!

1) 28 Gallon Aquarium Table with Six Sides

Aquarium Table w Six Sides
  • Includes 1 Filter, 1 plant, blue glass gravel, and light for under the tank
  • Clear acrylic and beveled glass construction
  • 28 gallon capacity
  • 38 in. x 20 in. x 15.5 in.
  • Fresh water only
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2) 68 Gallon Square Table Aquarium

68 Gallon Square Table Aquarium
  • 68-gallon square coffee table aquarium, with pumps, lights, and filter system all built inside the aquarium
  • The tank body and table top of aquarium are made of glass
  • Lighting fixtures pre-mounted below the glass table top are designed smartly so that the lights only emitted toward the tank, not your eyes
  • All have included pumps hidden inside the columns, so you don't have to put a view-blocking filter or pump in the middle of the tank
  • Puts you in a truly sit-back-and-relax mode after a long day of work
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3) 25 Gallon Aqua Square Table Aquarium

Aqua Square Table 25 Gallon Aquarium
  • Dazzling square coffee table aquarium
  • Solid, square 3/8-inch beveled glass top
  • Illuminated from beneath blue glass gravel
  • Black acrylic pedestal base hides 2-stage filter
  • Filters, pump, aerator, decorative plants included
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4) 48 Gallon Rectangular Table Aquarium

48gl Rectangular Table Aquarium
  • Comes in walnut, maple, or black
  • Pumps, lights, and filter system all built inside the aquarium
  • Extra sockets inside columns enable you to plug in your heater, air pump or other accessories without being noticed
  • Additional shorter under-glass-top legs are included in case you want to prevent your cat or child from reaching into the water
  • Half white half blue LED strip light below each side of the tank top not only gives your aquatic lives sufficient lighting but also aesthetical enjoyment
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5) 15 Gallon Aqua End Table Aquarium

Aqua End Table Aquarium
  • Unique aquarium
  • Illuminated from below a bed of blue glass gravel
  • Complete with lighting, extension cord, decorative plants, and filter pump
  • Solid tempered glass top
  • 15 1/2" x Width: 15 1/2" x Height: 20" - 15 gallon
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