Top 5 Best Classic Rock Albums


Ever get in the mood to just lock your doors, throw on your favorite Classic Rock album, turn it up to 11, and ROCK OUT?! So do we. And when we do, these are our Top 5 go-to classic rock albums!

1) The Beatles (White Album) (1968)

The Beatles - White Album
  • Rolling Stone calls it the “most intense and adventurous rock album”
  • Acid-washed mix of in your face rock and bubblegum pop
  • BBC News & The Daily Telegraph’s #1 rock album
  • Sold over 3.3 millions copies in its first 4 days
  • Dim the lights, throw on your best headphones, and just listen!
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2) Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street (1972)

Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street album
  • 7th Greatest Album of All-Time ranked by Rolling Stone
  • Incorporates rock and roll, blues, soul, country, and gospel genres
  • Q Magazine’s 3rd Greatest British Album Ever
  • It was an immediate commercial success, reaching No. 1 worldwide before the Stones ‘72 Tour
  • #19 on Guitar World’s Greatest Guitar Albums of All-Time
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3) Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced (1967)

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced album
  • The greatest debut album in rock history
  • Album was completed in 16 recording sessions at three London locations
  • Added to the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry in 2005
  • 4 songs off album included in Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Songs list
  • Mojo Magazine calls it the “greatest guitar album of all-time”
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4) The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground (1967)

The Velvet Underground and Nico - The Velvet Underground album
  • Recorded in 1966 during Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable multimedia event tour
  • One of the most influential and critically acclaimed rock albums in history
  • #13 on Rolling Stone’s List of Greatest Albums of All-Time
  • 2006 selection to the National Recording Registry
  • #1 on Spin Magazine’s List of “Top 15 Most Influential Albums”
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5) Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (1975)

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here album
  • EMI was unable to print enough copies to satisfy demand
  • David Gilmour & Rick Wright both said this was their favorite Floyd album
  • A touching tribute to former bandmate Syd Barrett
  • #8 on IGN’s Greatest Classic Rock Albums
  • Wish You Were Here was Pink Floyd's fastest-selling album ever
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