Top 5 Calorie Burning Activities


Looking to shed pounds and get fit in a hurry?! Unfortunately, not all exercises are created equally in the fat-burning department, so be sure to pick & choose wisely! We have compiled our list of Top 5 Calorie Burning Sports/Activities to give you a quick resource to some awesome calorie busting workout activities! Some may even surprise you

1) Running up Stairs

  • Great for toning your booty ;)
  • Builds speed, power, agility and cardiovascular fitness
  • Targets many major muscle groups
  • Reduces "bad" LDL cholesterol
  • 1,113 calories burned/hour

2) Boxing

  • Helps condition the entire body in one workout
  • Great cardio workout
  • Improves the cardiovascular and endurance fitness of its participants
  • Provides a high-intensity, calorie-burning routine that promotes fitness
  • 875 calories burned/hour

3) Racquetball/Squash

  • Thorough cardiovascular workout
  • An hour game requires a player to run a distance of over two miles
  • Offers both aerobic and anaerobic elements
  • Burns fat quickly
  • 875 calories burned/hour

4) Rope Jumping (Fast)

  • Strengthens the upper and lower body
  • Low impact activity
  • Great cardiovascular exercise
  • Don’t skip your workout, skip rope!
  • 875 calories burned/hour

5) Swimming (Butterfly)

  • Strengthens lungs and heart
  • Uses the muscles of your legs, arms, shoulders, buttocks and more
  • Ideal form of exercise if you are dealing with injuries
  • Increases your blood circulation
  • 795 calories burned/hour

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