Top 5 Coolest 3D Printed Items


We knew it wouldn't take long to start getting creative with 3D printers! Already, we are at a place where if you can envision it, chances are it's already been 3D printed somewhere! Here are 5 of our favorite recently 3D printed items!

1) World's first 3D printed car took years to design, but only 44 hours to print!

3D Printed Car

2) We're pretty sure if you have a guitar this sweet, you can play as well as Hendrix instantly!
Ricky on movies

3) Hopefully a velociraptor version is coming soon!

3D Dinosaur Showerhead

4) Want to attract a nerdy girl? Print her a 3D shoe!

3D Printed Shoes

5) We're unsure of the legality of this item, but it's cool regardless!

3D Printed Gun

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