Top 5 Exercises Requiring No Equipment


Want to achieve a toned physique without spending hundreds on equipment or gym memberships? Do the activities contained within our Top 5 Exercises Requiring No Equipment and you will get fit fast and feel great!

1) High Intensity Running

michael johnson start of race
  • Burns between 750-1100 calories per hour (7.5mph)
  • Builds speed, power, agility and cardiovascular fitness
  • Targets many major muscle groups
  • Reduces "bad" LDL cholesterol
  • Increases maximum aerobic capacity

2) Push Ups

baby doing pushups
  • Targets the muscles of the chest, arms, and shoulders
  • Helps tighten abdominals and tone
  • Improves balance
  • Many variations which can work additional muscle groups
  • Improves posture

3) Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks outdoors
  • Also known as the Star Jump in the UK
  • A type of muscular and aerobic conditioning known as plyometrics
  • Effective aerobic and strength-building exercise
  • Builds cardiovascular strength and muscular response for speed of movement
  • Improve your power production, strengthen bones and help with weight loss!

4) Planks

  • Best exercise for getting a 6-pack!
  • Maintains the stability of the core muscles
  • Three-dimensional activation, from hip to shoulder
  • Strengthens back and helps reduce back pain
  • Work the abs isometrically

5) Crunches

  • Primarily works the rectus abdominis muscle and obliques
  • Good isolation exercise for the abdominals
  • Increase intensity by performing them at an angle
  • Great way to eliminate love handles
  • Can perform them anywhere you’re comfortable laying down!

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