Top 5 Funniest Halloween Costumes


You can go tons of different directions when choosing a Halloween costume-- frightening, topical, sexy, or our personal favorite, FUNNY! Everyone loves a costume that makes them laugh, so check out our Top 5 Funniest Halloween Costumes and do just that (and maybe get an idea for a costume for yourself)!

1) Sort of like if the Village People were Lego-ized

Lego Men Costume

2) This is the most authentic Jabba we've ever seen! And equally horrifying!

Jabba the Hut Costume

3) Plot twist: There is an even funnier costume inside that box!

Cute Dog Costume

4) This hit us right in the "middle school nostalgia" feels

Goldeneye Halloween Costume

5) Notice how he goes for his girlfriend's face instead of the gator mask? Pro!

Steve Irwin Costume

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