Top 5 Galaxy S6 Features You Should Know


The Samsung Galaxy S6 (and S6 Edge) is the latest evolution in the Galaxy line, featuring tons of new features and upgrades when compared to previous models, including a health sensor which can record your heart rate, stess levels & more, and huge improvements in battery life, build quality, and performance! Check out our Top 5 Galaxy S6 Features You Should Know to learn more!

1) Using the S6's S Health app, you can use a sensor on the back of the device to check your heart rate, Sp02, your stress levels, and more!

2) An updated "OK Google" function allows you to ask your phone an almost unlimited number of questions or perform a huge array of tasks without ever having to physically touch (or even hold) the phone!

3) The 5.1" quad-HD screen is one of the densest ever created, at 577 pixels per inch! At this point, the pixels are so small they are basically invisible!

4) A brighter f/1.9 camera and infrared white balance detection both mean much better pictures from the Galaxy S6 than from previous models. Photos will be better balanced, less blown out, and less yellow looking!

5) The Galaxy S6 has both Qualcomm QuickCharge compatibility and its own Samsung quick-charging technology! With this feature you can get around an hour of video playback after charging for only 5 minutes!

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