Top 5 iPhone 6s Features You Should Know


The iPhone 6s is the latest and greatest tech device from Apple, and it really is an impressive phone! You can tell that Apple actually listened to their fans and not only beefed up the processing power of the 6s, but they have also added an array of awesome new features! To learn more, check out our Top 5 iPhone 6s Features You Should Know!

1) The iPhone 6s's new Touch ID fingerprint scanner is twice as fast as previous models and you can even unlock your phone without having to swipe just by placing your finger on the pad!

2) Now when you take a normal photo, your 6s also records a short video automatically. Force touch on any photo in your camera roll and you’ll see the short animation play!

3) The new rear 12 megapixel camera is a big improvement over last year’s model! It offers better optics and it can even record 4K video! The front-facing camera has been upgraded to 5MPs, and supports HD video and selfie panoramas!

4) Constructed from higher quality 7000 Series aluminum, the 6s is much harder to bend than previous models!

5) The 6s now comes loaded with several motion wallpapers with stunning high definition animations that are truly mesmerizing!

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