Top 5 LifeProTips


Life isn't easy to navigate and we will take any tips & tricks we can get! Check out these awesome LifeProTips and punch life's obstacles right in the face! Oh, and here is a bonus LPT for ya: Don't tell people you're "thinking of doing something." Only tell them after you've done it!

1) LPT: Remove security from a .pdf file by printing to .xps then back to .pdf!

2) LPT: You can turn Youtube videos into .gifs just by adding 'gif' to the beginning of the URL!

3) LPT: When introducing two people to each other, make a point of using both of their names a few times in the ensuing conversation!

4) LPT: If you're still hungry shortly after you've eaten, you're probably dehydrated. Try drinking water before consuming more food!

5) LPT: When asking someone to take a picture of you, choose someone taller than you!

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