Top 5 Reasons Why 50 Cent Went Bankrupt


50 Cent, a classic tale of a man who went from rags to riches...and back to rags again. Starting out as a crack dealer, he went on to not only have a lucrative career in hip hop, he also turned himself into a brand, featuring clothing and audio equipment! But, just today, 50 Cent has declared bankruptcy, and we think we know why!

1) A jury just ordered him to pay $5 million in an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit because he acquired a video a woman made with her boyfriend, added himself in as a crude commentator and posted it online without her permission

Sad 50 Cent animated gif

2) As a compulsive gambler, prior to this Mets game, he bet $50 million on himself to throw a perfect strike on his ceremonial “first pitch”

Fifty Cent First Pitch Fail

3) He was way too late to the headphones-produced-by-rappers party, which is why everyone knows Beats by Dre and NO ONE knows SMS Audio

headphones on walking

4) He’s a Knicks fan, so he is basically destined for disappointment and failure in life

50 cent knicks fan

5) Following a three-year legal battle a judge said he owned the Florida-based company £7.72million in damages over a failed business deal and another £2.9 million in solicitor's fees

50 cent crying

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