Top 5 Reasons You Should Create
an Amazon Wedding Registry


Before vows & rings are exchanged and you ride off in your limousine on the way to your perfect honeymoon, there is ALL THE WORK of wedding planning to do, including the creation of your wedding registry! Leave it to Amazon to make this process as painless as possible with their wedding registry, offering the WORLD’S largest selection of products to choose from, and much much more....

1) Amazon offers the WORLD’S LARGEST SELECTION of products that you’ll love for a lifetime! USA (232 Million), UK (132 Million), Germany (118 Million), France (118 Million)

Amazon Wedding Registry

2) Universal Registry Capability allows you to add to your registry from other websites with a special browser button! Amazon Wedding Registry FAQ

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3) Receive bonus gifts when you register for items from select vendors and when your guests make purchases!

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4) Thank you list. Amazon Wedding Registry registry compiles a thank-you list that will give the name, address, and items purchased, to make it easy to write thank-you cards to your guest.

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5) Receive a 10% OFF COUPON after your event date! (good on many Amazon products)

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