Top 5 Tips for Managing a Web Project


Keep web projects moving forward and within budget. Get projects finished on time and keep your sanity.

1) Clearly Defined Project Scope

project scope
  • Helps prioritize website goals
  • Keeps team and client on the same page
  • Reduces scope creep
  • Save time, energy & money
  • Helps set & manage expectations

2) Time Tracking

time tracking
  • Keeps everyone accoutable. Increases productivity
  • Understand where time on a project is being allocated
  • Give project managers a macro and micro view of a project
  • Helps teams control billable hours and stay in budget
  • Know front-end, backend, and revisions time and cost

3) Version Control

Github Version Control
  • Teams without it are living in the dark ages
  • Allows small & big teams to collaborate on code effortlessly
  • Teams can easily work on different parts of the project
  • Keep your codebase and issue ticketing system in one place
  • Each code commit shows whats been added and removed

4) Meet Routinely

meeting with postit notes
  • Keeps everyone accountable
  • Builds client / agency relationship & rapport
  • Helps create other project milestones
  • Some things are easier to say face to face (or webcam)
  • Better solutions can be discussed

5) Be nice

kids in sunglasses smiling
  • Smile. It goes a long way.
  • Bring (good) coffee for the team meetings
  • Remember that you are working towards a common goal
  • Instead of emailing "ok" try "sure thing"
  • Teams that are treated better work better

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