5 Free Tools For Your Next Web Project


Don't take on your next web project alone. There are hundreds of easy-to-use free pieces of software online to help make your web projects a breeze! Our Top 5 Tools For Your Next Web Project feature five of our favorite, can't-live-without web project tools that save time, money, and headaches!

1) CreateBrief

CreateBrief Radar Chart
  • Instantly generate attractive design briefs
  • Intuitive, simple site allows for fast brief creation
  • Interactive brand sliders create precise radar charts (ex: fb)
  • Shareable link & embed allows users to easily share design briefs
  • The web's first free, no-signup-required, customizable, shareable design brief template
Design Brief Template - createbrief.com

2) Slack

  • Team communication for the 21st century
  • NASA's Mars team uses Slack shouldn't you!?
  • Drag, drop, and share all your files with your team
  • Organize your team conversations in open channels
  • For sensitive information, create private rooms & invite team members
Team Communication Tools - slack.com

3) Evernote

Evernote logo
  • Modern life is complicated. Simplify it with Evernote
  • Once you make a note, it’s accessible wherever you go, forever
  • Capture a note once, and it’s instantly available on all your devices
  • Share big ideas by collaborating with co-workers in a group notebook
  • Create a project to-do list, jot down a reminder, snap a pic of a sketch.
Note Taking App - evernote.com

4) Zenhub

Zenhub for Github scrumboards Logo
  • Adds custom SCRUM boards along side you repositories
  • Makes managing multiple issues and a team much easier
  • The only project management workflow integrated natively in GitHub
  • Manage projects in GitHub - The best agile project management tool
  • Boards make organization-wide prioritization simple by connecting several repos in one place. Also includes burndown chart
Track Progress - zenhub.io

5) LICEcap

LICEcap Logo
  • LICEcap is GPL free software that allows for easy screen to gif
  • LICEcap can capture your desktop & save it directly to .GIF
  • Pause and restart recording, with optional inserted text messages
  • LICEcap is an intuitive but flexible application (Windows & OSX)
  • In addition to .GIF, LICEcap supports its own native lossless .LCF file format, which allows for higher compression ratios
GIF Capture - cockos.com

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