Top 5 Unknown Facts About Disney Theme Parks


Disney is the "happiest place on Earth" and it also has its share of surprises! Want to learn some cool Disney World Secrets? Our Top 5 Unknown Facts About Disney Theme Parks will enlighten you!

1) Toy Story Characters would drop to the ground when a guest would yell "Andy's coming!" However, with this becoming more and more popular via Internet, they no longer have the cast members drop, as Andy has now gone to College!

2) The skull on the headboard in Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean is a real skull!

3) It has become more known that there is a hotel room inside Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom Park; however, this is a room that you can not reserve. The hotel room is for contest winners ONLY!

4) Magic Kingdom's Main Street has vents that release a vanilla scent into the air!

5) Disney does not sell gum in any of their theme parks. Seriously!

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