Where Can I Buy Cards Against Humanity?
Amazon, You Dummy!


Funny story. The other night, the wife and I were brainstorming activities for an upcoming get together with friends, and after some deliberation, we landed on Cards Against Humanity. Both of us have enjoyed playing CAH at friends' houses before, and believe it is basically the perfect "party game", as it allows many people to play, is very social, and yields a ton of laughter from all involved. With this mind, we hit the road. Our first stop was Target. Surely, a store the size of Target would carry such a popular game...but no, they did not have it. After driving a little further down the road we landed at Barnes & Noble, assuming they would definitely have it in their game section-- DENIED! No CAH there either. Back into the car, we stopped off at the mall and headed for Spencer's Gifts. It seemed obvious that Cards Against Humanity's raunchy, filthy subject matter would fit right in at this edgy gift shop, but NOPE, not there either.

You can't buy Cards Against Humanity in stores other than knock offs

By now, we were weary, and wondering if we would ever find our game, so we asked a Spencer's employee about it. Amazingly, he had some very helpful information, and told us that we would be hard-pressed to ever find it at a store, because they have an official deal of exclusivity with Amazon! Well, how about that; we returned home, turned on the computer, and sure enough, there was CAH on Amazon, waiting for us. We bought it with Prime and it showed up the very next day! Crisis averted, we were now ready for our party. So, if you have struck out looking for Cards Against Humanity before, don't get discouraged; just hop on Amazon, and not only can you buy the original game, but you can also grab all of the official CAH expansion packs, as well as a ton of unofficial, independently produced expansions, so you will never have to worry about the game becoming stale! Happy playing!

1) Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity
  • Available via Amazon Prime
  • "A party game for horrible people"
  • Professionally printed on premium playing cards
  • Over 13 duodecillion possible rounds with 6 players
  • Includes 550 cards (460 White cards and 90 Black cards)
View on Amazon

2) Humanity Hates Trump Card Game

Humanity Hates Trump Card Game
  • Fun to play as a mini party game
  • Nicely printed on premium card stock
  • 110 new cards (80 White Cards, 30 Black Cards)
  • Perfect gift this election season for all Trump haters
  • Works with Cards Against Humanity and other similar games
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3) Guards Against Insanity

Guards Against Insanity: Edition 1
  • Very naughty subjects
  • Recommended for ages 17+
  • Unofficial, independently produced expansion
  • Comes with 112 new cards (80 White cards and 32 Black cards)
  • In order to play, you will need the original Cards Against Humanity game
View on Amazon

4) Carps & Angsty Manatee

Carps & Angsty Manatee - Vol. 1
  • Warning: features explicit and graphic content
  • Highly reviewed on Amazon (4.8 out of 5 stars)
  • Same dimensions as CAH cards (63mm x 88mm)
  • Hilarious unofficial expansion fun for your adult friends
  • Offers 150 original cards (130 white cards and 20 black cards)
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5) Crabs Adjust Humidity

Crabs Adjust Humidity
  • Third party, unofficial expansion
  • Printed on linen-finish, high quality cards
  • Totally compatible with Cards Against Humanity
  • Don't play if you are allergic to shellfish (just kidding)
  • Includes 112 new cards: 80 white cards and 32 black cards
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