Holiday Headphone Shopping Guide 2015


Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one that will be enjoyed for years to come or simply looking to buy a new pair of audiophile quality headphones for yourself, NOW is definitely the time to buy! Prices on even the world's greatest cans are being drastically reduced the last quarter of the year to accommodate events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas Eve!

Since our inception, we have compiled countless lists of high quality products, but our headphone lists have always held a special place in our hearts. As avid music lovers, we have poured countless hours into sonic experiences utilizing some of the best headphones in the industry, and our lists reflect our opinions! In our lists you'll find only the best manufacturers, from AKG to Grado to Sennheiser to Shure and several more, for their precision sound reproduction and unmatched build quality!

To help you out on your headphone journey, we have compiled a multitude of our previous (and recently updated!) BoldList headphone posts, separated by Price, Brand, and Type to help simplify the entire selection process for you! Remember, there is no perfect pair of headphones, just the perfect pair FOR YOU, so be sure to buy the pair that you think will make you happiest, and that is truly the best advice we can give =)

Beats Headphone Guide

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Best Headphone Lists by Brand

VSonic GR07 Headphones

Best Headphone Lists by Type

Grado SR80e headphones

Best Headphone Lists by Price

Shure SE215 headphones

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