Top 5 Craft Beer Websites


Whether you are a craft beer novice or veteran connoisseur, skilled home brewer or just a home drinker, our Top 5 Craft Beer Websites will inform and entertain you! So, before you drink your next craft beer, be sure to search for it on any of these websites to learn more about it (and to find out whether you should even be drinking it in the first place)! Cheers!

1) BeerAdvocate

BeerAdvocate logo
  • Boasts the largest and most active craft beer community
  • Allows users to offer comprehensive rankings for beers
  • Full of awesome links to craft beer news and rumors
  • Great community for trading craft beers
  • Search for a beer before buying! If it has a low BA score, avoid it!

2) RateBeer

ratebeer logo
  • The other giant online craft beer community
  • Offers large, constantly updating craft beer forums on every beer-related topic you can imagine
  • Has a comprehensive list of upcoming beer events around the world
  • Allows users to rank beers on a 0-100 scale
  • Great for anyone just getting started in homebrewing

3) CraftBeer

CraftBeer logo
  • Created on behalf of U.S. craft brewers to celebrate the best of American craft beer
  • Attractive user interface, with easy access to blogs, news, and more
  • Offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide for learning about craft beer styles
  • Presents an in depth history of craft beer
  • If you are looking for a recipe that uses craft beer, this is your website!

4) Craft Beer & Brewing

Beer & Brewing logo
  • Professionally written blogs on a number of craft beer related topics
  • Loads of interviews with pioneers in the field
  • Features craft beer educational classes for aspiring home brewers
  • The best online resource for home brewers
  • Nice online shop featuring apparel, magazines, beer making tools, etc

5) American Craft Beer

American Craft Beer logo
  • Focuses on craft beer brewed in the US
  • Features a craft beer video of the week
  • Offers great reviews on breweries and brewpubs
  • Craft beer business news for insiders
  • Become a member to receive access to special offers and prizes

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