Top 5 Greatest NBA Finals Moments


The NBA Finals-- the pinnacle of basketball glory, where legends are born and big shots live on forever! Check out our Top 5 Greatest NBA Finals Moments for five of the most indelible Finals memories!

1) 1998, Game 6 - Jordan Over Byron Russell

Jordan Over Byron Russell
  • Utah Jazz were up 3 with less than a minute in Game 6
  • Jordan cuts the lead to 1 with a driving layup
  • Next play, Jordan steals the ball from Karl Malone
  • Last play, Jordan buries a 20-ft. jumper over Russell to win the title
  • The most clutch finish of all-time!
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2) 1987, Game 4 - Magic “Junior Sky Hook”

Magic Junior Sky Hook
  • Lakers bounced back from a 16-point halftime deficit
  • Larry Bird put the Celtics back up, then--
  • Magic nailed a running hook shot over Kevin McHale and Robert Parish with 2 seconds left
  • Larry Bird had a last second look to win, but just missed
  • Lakers would go on to win the Championship
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3) 1970, Game 7 - Willis Reed Injury Game

Willis Reed Injury finals
  • Reed had been hurt with torn thigh muscle and was in danger of not playing in Game 7
  • Reed emerged from the tunnel at MSG suited up and the crowd went wild
  • He then went on to make the first two baskets of the game
  • After that, Clyde Frazier dominated with 36 points and 19 assists
  • Knicks won the first of their two NBA titles
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4) 1981, Game 1 - Bird's Mid-Air Contortionist Shot

Bird's Mid-Air Contortionist Shot finals
  • Larry Bird makes a miraculous shot off of his own rebound...
  • Where he switches hands mid-air and scoops the ball in with his left hand
  • "The greatest play I've ever seen." - Red Auerbach
  • Celtics went on to win the game 98-95
  • Bird finished with 18 points, 21 rebounds, and 9 assists
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5) 1980, Game 4 - Dr. J Behind the Backboard Layup

Dr. J Behind the Backboard Layup finals
  • Fourth quarter of Game 4
  • Trailing 1-2 in the series
  • Dr. J drove baseline, elevated, reached back behind the backboard with the ball and made the circus shot on the opposite side of the rim
  • Sixers ended up winning the game 105-102
  • Magic called it "the greatest move I've ever seen in a basketball game.”
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