5 Tips Every Pokemon Go Player Should Know


Pokemon Go is currently the most popular game in the world, offering an incredible nostalgia trip for millennials while simultaneously introducing Pokemon to a new, younger generation. While Pokemon Go is a fairly straightforward game, and simple to learn and play, there are still some hidden secrets, tips & tricks that are worth learning! We have compiled 5 Tips Every Pokemon Go Player Should Know for your convenience!

#1 You Can Control The Evolution Of Eevee

Eevee was the first Pokemon that was able to evolve into several different Pokemon types. This bushy-tailed Pokemon can become either Vaporeon (water type), Jolteon (electric type), or Flareon (fire type), marking it as a seriously versatile companion.

If you want to choose your Eevee evolution in Pokémon Go, you need to rename your Eevee before you evolve it:

For Vaporeon, name your Eevee ‘Rainer’
For Jolteon, name your Eevee ‘Sparky'
For Flareon, name your Eevee ‘Pyro’

Eevee Evolution

#2 Notice The Rustling Grass

While in traditional Pokemon games you couldn't wade through any long grass without being attacked by a barrage of Rattata, actually catching Pokémon is a lot trickier in Pokemon Go.

Look out for rustling grass and leaves as you walk, as they’re the best indicator of a Pokémon wandering close by. We do want to let you know that this is not a full-proof indicator, but it's pretty good.

Pokemon Go Rustling Grass

#3 Throwing A Curveball Gives You Extra XP

Another tip that makes it easier to snag a rare Pokémon is to use a curveball throw. To do that, you hold your finger down on the Pokéball screen, then start making a circular motion with your finger. If you're doing it right, the Pokeball should start spinning and emitting sparkles.

Then comes the tricky part. You need to throw the Pokeball in the opposite direction to the way it's spinning. If you do it right, the spin should make it arc right onto your Poké target.

Pokeball curveball

#4 Turn on the Battery Saver Mode

You might have heard that Pokémon Go is a bit of a battery life vampire. It'll suck the juice out of that bad boy faster than you can say "recharge"!

Well, fortunately, in the Settings menu of Pokémon Go, there is a Battery Saver mode that will help save your battery! With Battery Saver mode on, while you're out on a Pokemon hunt, if you leave your phone by your side, the screen will go almost completely dark (which saves battery life), but the game will still be on, so you won't miss any passing Pokemon, and when your phone vibrates to let you know a Pokemon is close, you can raise your phone back up and the screen will brighten.

Battery Saver Mode

#5 Collecting a lot of the
Same Pokemon is Crucial

You might dismiss a nearby Pidgey because you've already got one in your Pokédex, but it's actually a good idea to catch multiple of the same critters because of the candies you'll get.

For every Pokémon you catch you'll be gifted three or so of that Pokémon's particular flavour of candy. For example, you get three Pidgey candies per Pidgey, and another if you trade your Pidgey into Professor Willow.

To evolve any Pokemon, you're going to have to feed them their specific candy type. So for a Pidgey to evolve to a Pidgeotto, it's 12 Pidgey candies. But to evolve from Pidgeotto to Pidgeot, it's a whopping 50 candies. Better start catching those Pidgeys.

A large collection of Pidgeys

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