Top 5 Things You Didn't Know About 3D Printing


3D Printing may very well become the most important invention since the Internet, as its applications become more widespread and useful! Check out these five mind-blowing pieces of trivia about 3D Printing to learn more about this up & coming piece of technology that is quickly starting to change the world!

1) 3D printing isn’t new. Stereolithography was created over 30 years ago by Chuck Hull‘s computer program that generates 3D objects and vector shapes way back in the 1980’s!

Chuck Hull 3D Printer

2) Doctors are starting to be able (in conjunction with CAT scans) to 3D print tumors so they can have a better visual representation of what they are going to be operating on inside the patient!

3) Researchers at Washington State University have teamed up with NASA to work on 3D printing using a new material, moon dust! This new project could lead to on-site fabrication of a moon-base that is constructed of local materials!

3D Printed Lunar Base

4) 3D Printing isn't just plastics! You can print all kinds of materials like glass, gold, platinum, silver, titanium & other steels, wood & pottery, and even edibles like chocolate (seen in the photo below)!

5) In the James Bond movie Skyfall, Bond's Aston Martin DB5 gets blown up, and as it turns out, they used a 3D printed replica of an Aston Martin DB5 (1:3 scale size) to blow up instead!

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