Top 5 Tom Hanks Movies


Tom Hanks has become one of the most endearing male American actors of the last 30 years, known for being a kind and caring man on and off the movie set, and a great actor, as well-- he is one of only two actors to win back-to-back Best Actor Oscars, when he won for Philadelphia in 1993 and for Forrest Gump in 1994!

1) Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump - Tom Hanks holding two ice creams
  • Story depicts several decades in the life of Forrest Gump, a slow-witted, but good-hearted man who witnesses, and in some cases influences, some of the defining events of the 20th century
  • In 1995 it won the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Hanks), Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Visual Effects, and Best Film Editing
  • Ranked the 71st greatest film of all-time by the American Film Institute
  • In 2011, it was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant"
  • Tom Hanks wasn't paid for the film. Instead he took percentage points which ultimately netted him in the region of $40 million.

2) Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan - Tom Hanks pointing gun
  • Story follows Captain John H. Miller and a squad of soldiers as they search for a paratrooper, who is the last-surviving brother of four servicemen
  • Nominated for eleven Academy Awards, with wins for Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Sound Effects Editing, Best Film Editing, and Best Director for Spielberg
  • Ranked as the 45th most thrilling film in AFI's 100 Years...100 Thrills
  • Won the Golden Globes for Best Picture – Drama and Best Director
  • Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford were both considered for the role of Capt. John Miller, before Steven Spielberg decided on casting Tom Hanks.

3) Philadelphia

Philadelphia - Tom Hanks
  • 1993 American drama film and one of the first mainstream Hollywood films to acknowledge HIV/AIDS, homosexuality, and homophobia
  • Nominated for four Academy Awards, winning two, Best Actor for Hanks and Best Original Song
  • Ranked by AFI to be the 20th most inspiring movie ever made
  • Grossed a total of $206,678,440 worldwide against a budget of only $26 million, making it a huge box office success
  • Real-life friends Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen both happened to win their respective Oscars for Best Actor and Best Song.

4) Cast Away

Castaway - Tom Hanks and Wilson
  • A 2000 adventure drama film starring Tom Hanks as a FedEx employee stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes in the South Pacific
  • 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes
  • Grossed $429 million on a $90 million budget
  • Hanks won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama
  • One of the three volleyballs used in the film was sold in an auction for $18,400

5) The Green Mile

The Green Mile - Tom Hanks
  • Tells the story of Paul Edgecomb’s life as a death row corrections officer during the Great Depression in the United States, and the supernatural events he witnessed
  • Nominated for four Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor, Best Picture, Best Sound, and Best Adapted Screenplay
  • Won Favorite All-Around Motion Picture at the People’s Choice Awards
  • Grossed over $290 million worldwide on a $60 million budget
  • When the producers were having trouble finding the right actor to fill the role of John Coffey, Bruce Willis suggested Michael Clarke Duncan with whom he had co-starred in Armageddon (1998)

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